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Hospital Mistakenly Releases Coronavirus Positive Patient In US, Quarantined At San Diego Facility

A tampered result from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) led to the release of a coronavirus positive patient from a hospital in San Diego, California. The patient was later found out to be infected and was quarantined by the officials.

The authorities with the CDC told local media Monday morning that the patient was evacuated from the Wuhan Province in China. After being released due to the incorrect test report on Sunday, the patient was quarantined and was being observed for any symptoms.

In the wake of the event, authorities at the University of California stated, “This morning, CDC officials advised San Diego Public Health that further testing revealed that one of the four patients tested positive for coronavirus. The confirmed positive patient was returned to UC San Diego Health for observation and isolation until cleared by the CDC for release.”

The officials at the university told local media that the patient had not gone out of the hospital. The authorities stated, “The patient left UC San Diego Health the same way they arrived, with all precautions taken. The patient was wearing a mask per CDC instruction. The federal marshals transported the patient while wearing protection.”

The identity of the person was not made public by the authorities.

The novel coronavirus has claimed over 1,000 lives all over the globe and had infected over 43,000 people. The San Diego case was the 13th reported case of coronavirus infection in the whole of the United States, seven of which were in California.

The reports added that 11 of the total cases confirmed in the US were families or individuals who had visited the Wuhan Province in China, the epicenter of the outbreak of the infection.

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