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Horse rider who needed 16 staples in her scalp after a horror fall claims LED face mask HEALED scars

A keen horse rider who suffered a freak accident which left her needing 16 staples in her scalp has told how a £349 LED face mask helped heal her facial scars.

Liz Falkingham, 48, a freelance writer from The East Riding of Yorkshire, was trampled and kicked in the head by a startled young horse in September last year.

After being rushed to A&E, Liz discovered she’d sustained lacerations to her scalp, a fractured cheekbone, a deep cut to her eyebrow and severe bruising on her thighs with haematoma – localised bleeding outside of blood vessels.

She feared she’d be scarred for life, until she saw fellow journalist and skincare expert Alice Hart-Davis trying out the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask on Instagram.

After asking for one for Christmas, Liz used it daily for five months and says she was ‘amazed’ by the improvement to her skin – adding that her scars are now barely noticeable.

‘I’m really happy with the way my face healed – there’s very little visible scarring now,’ she told FEMAIL.

‘When family and friends look back at the photographs and compare how my skin looks now, they’re amazed – as am I!’

Liz told how the terrifying accident occurred while she was walking a young horse the short distance from the field back to the stable yard. 

Growing up around horses all her life, she knew how unpredictable they could be. However, when the horse was unknowingly startled, Liz was suddenly knocked off her feet.

She said her only memory of the accident is the young horse running over the top of her, standing on her legs and kicking the back of her head.

‘If the horse had been wearing iron shoes then I would almost certainly have ended up with a fractured skull and related brain injury,’ she said. 

‘At the time I was just grateful to be alive and without a major injury, but of course afterwards it was upsetting to think I’d be left with permanent damage.’

At hospital Liz was kept in overnight for observation and went home the following morning to start her recovery process, during which she was cared for by her husband. 

Doctors warned her it was likely she’d be left with a deep scar over her eyebrow due to it splitting open, as well as surface scarring and pigmentation.

‘In the days and weeks after the accident my face looked awful with the severe bruising, swelling and lacerations – I was worried that I would be left with facial scarring,’ she added.

After seeing Alice using the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, Liz borrowed a friend’s LED mask regularly for a couple of months after the accident.

The mask combines red and near infra-red light which stimulate the production of new collagen and penetrate the surface to rejuvenate the skin.

‘I was so impressed by the impact that I knew it was something worth having,’ Liz explained.

‘My husband very kindly bought me one as an early Christmas present! After that, I used it daily.

‘It took time for the healing of the lacerations; when the scabs came away the skin was very red underneath and it was noticeable how the mask immediately helped to sooth that and to reduce the depth of the scar on my eyebrow and the one on my chin and lip.

‘Now I use the mask every day – I find it relaxing to have 10 minutes of quiet time and there are benefits to regular use for skin tone and firmness.’ 

The device uses the same gold standard Omnilux technology that is used by doctors and salons around the world.

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