HORROR: A doctor in the United States tells ‘young, begging’ unvaccinated patients that ‘it’s too late.’


HORROR: A doctor in the United States tells ‘young, begging’ unvaccinated patients that ‘it’s too late.’

A DOCTOR in Alabama detailed the awful scenes in hospitals where young, unvaccinated patients dying of Covid are “begging” her for the vaccine, which she refuses because “it’s too late.”

On Sunday, Dr. Brytney Cobia of Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham posted on Facebook about the upsetting images she sees while treating young Covid patients who refuse to get the vaccine.

The Alabama doctor wrote, “I’m admitting young healthy folks to the hospital with really terrible Covid infections.”

“Before they’re intubated, one of the last things they do is ask me for the vaccine.

“I take their hand in mine and apologize, but it’s too late. I hug their family members a few days later when I call time of death.

“I tell them that the best way to honor their loved one is to be vaccinated and to tell everyone they know to get vaccinated as well.

“They believed it was simply the flu,” says the narrator. They were, however, mistaken. They wish they could travel back in time. However, they are unable to do so. As a result, they thank me and proceed to obtain the vaccine.”

Despite the fact that three vaccines have been publicly available in Alabama for months, the state ranks worst in the US in terms of immunization rates.

Currently, 1.66 million people in Alabama are completely vaccinated, accounting for almost 34% of the state’s population.

In the United States, 49% of people get stabbed twice.

Because of the highly contagious Delta strain and the poor vaccination rate in the state, cases are on the rise.

“It was really catastrophe after tragedy after tragedy back in 2020 and early 2021 when the vaccination wasn’t available,” Dr. Cobia told AL.

“You know, there were so many people who did everything perfectly and still came in dangerously ill and died.”

Since April, state officials in Alabama have reported that 94 percent of Covid hospital patients and 96 percent of Covid death victims were not fully immunized.

Dr. Cobia has stated that caring for the unvaccinated is challenging for her, both physically and emotionally.

Dr. Cobia told AL, “You kind of go into it thinking, “Okay, I’m not going to feel horrible for this individual because they make their own choice.”

“But then you meet them, face to face, and that completely changes your perspective, because they’re still just a human who believes that.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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