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Homeowner leaves a note warning an ‘old lady in a long beige puffa’ to stop stealing her flowers 

A fed-up homeowner has penned a hilarious note asking an old lady to stop pinching flowers from their garden. 

A photo of a sign attached to a fence, in northern Melbourne, was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, alongside the caption ‘senior citizen crime wave sweeps Coburg’.  

The note on a piece of paper, wrapped in a sheet of plastic, read: ‘Can the old lady in the long sleeve beige puffa stop stealing the Daphne  flowers at 8am’.   

The post was bombarded with responses as commentators laughed at the nature of the crime. 

‘The old lady took the advice and began stealing them at 9am,’ one person joked.

Another added: ‘Just wear a short red coat next time. Problem solved.’

Many shared the homeowner’s fury, venting about their own experiences with flower thieves. 

‘I’m in a very similar situation with a sneaky little old man, he keeps snipping at our roses and peonies with scissors!’ one person wrote.

‘My partner thinks it’s hilarious and harmless, I on the other hand am filing mental police reports because of the audacity!’ 

Another wrote: ‘My mum’s house is near a school and after dropping off their kids, mums will walk into her driveway and into her very obviously private garden to steal lemons straight from the lemon tree.’

‘Mum tried to confront one lady, but she was so brazen she said “ok I’ll stop, I just need to get these two lemons from the top of the tree, do you have a ladder?” 

Someone else wrote of an elderly woman destroying neighbours’ gardens.  

‘Had a little old lady living on my street who used to go around poisoning the plants of any neighbours that weren’t flowering,’ they said.

‘She was really quite sweet, apart from her habit of murdering any non-flowering plants.

One person shared a story of an elderly woman who would frequently steal from a garden centre where they worked.

‘[She] would come in once a month and talk to all the staff, everyone knew her and liked her so never thought to think she was a thief,’ they wrote. 

‘She would fill her trolley with hundred’s of pounds worth of plants/soil/plant feed etc every time she came. Once she was done she would always hang around near the exit and wait for one of the men to walk past and ask them if they wouldn’t mind helping her to her car with it all.’

‘No one ever questioned if she paid for it because she always walked out with a member of staff. The member of staff walking her out never questioned it because she always had a receipt in her hand and assumed she had already paid.

‘It was only when she asked a new boy who had just finished his training and had been told to always check the receipts before he helped customers out that she got caught.

‘The police got involved due to the amount stolen over the different visits she made although they couldn’t give an exact figure.’ 

The incident comes as Melburnians remain under stage four restrictions, as Victoria battles a horror second wave of COVID-19.

Residents are only permitted to leave the house for one of four reasons: shopping for food and essential items, care and caregiving, daily exercise and work. 

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