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Home cook wows with her VERY simple three-ingredient recipe for an oozing cheesy garlic pizza

A home cook has shared a very simple three-ingredient recipe to make a cheesy garlic pizza at home.

The Australian woman used just three products she purchased from Aldi – including pizza bases, mozzarella cheese and the retailer’s popular $2.99 garlic dip. 

To make the quick and easy meal for her family, she simply spread the garlic dip over the pizza base, topped with cheese and then she baked in the oven until it’s golden.

‘So I’ve seen so many people commenting about the garlic dip so I thought I’d try it tonight for a garlic pizza and it was delicious,’ she wrote in a Facebook group.

‘Hubby is away so I decided to buy a base (hubby is Italian and hates store-bought bases) and it was a big hit with the kids and I – perfect to go with our pasta.’

The woman said while homemade pizza bases are always ‘better’, she said the pre-made versions are great to prepare for her kids when her husband isn’t home.

‘Homemade is better but I was being lazy. These were pretty tasty though. I’d buy again when he’s not home of course,’ she said, laughing. 

Many were amazed at how simple the meal was to put together, while others said the pizzas are ‘delicious’ after they made their own versions at home.

Some home cooks said they are obsessed with the garlic dip, saying they put it on everything, ranging from lamb, chicken, eggs and Lebanese bread.

‘Mine was done on Lebanese bread with cheese and garlic dip… Holy moly so good,’ one woman said, while another added: ‘I had it today on wholemeal bread with prosciutto and shredded cheese grilled. Oh boy, so yummy.’

And one said: ‘I used garlic dip on cauliflower cheese the other night… delish.’

The product is also sold at other supermarket stores including Woolworths.

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