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Home baker shares how to make delicious Caramilk crackles – and you’ll only need three ingredients 

Cadbury’s Caramilk block chocolate has become an iconic Australian treat, and now a savvy home baker has revealed how she made Caramilk crackles using only three ingredients.

Sharee, from Queensland, shared the simplistic recipe to a popular cookery Facebook group and said her teenage daughter helped make the dessert.

‘My 13-year-old who loves cooking [and] felt like a treat, so she came up with this idea. I thought I’d grab a photo as there’s only there’s three left,’ she said.

To make the creamy golden crackles, Sharee used one and a half blocks of Caramilk chocolate, one tablespoon of peanut butter and Rice Bubbles.

She first melted the Caramilk on the stove in a bowl over a pot of boiling water, then stirred in the peanut butter until it was smooth.

She then mixed in the Rice Bubbles and stirred well until it was all combined before scooping it into muffin cups. 

Other home bakers part of the social media community dubbed the dessert a ‘delicious’ afternoon snack, and many also praised Sharee’s daughter.

‘Oh wow, I hope she never stops baking that is amazing,’ one person said.

‘They look and sound delicious!’ another said, a third added: ‘What a legend!’

This isn’t the first time a home cook has shared their wonderful Caramilk recipes to hundreds of others online. 

Earlier this month another Australian revealed how she made Caramilk macarons with a tasty buttercream and ganache filling.

Posting to the same Facebook group, mum Amy said she followed a standard macaron recipe from to make the satisfying dessert, but replaced the milk chocolate with Caramilk block chocolate.

‘Been hitting the Caramilk baking pretty hard past couple of days,’ she said online and shared three photos of the results.

While the macarons look and sound delicious, the recipe isn’t a simple one and involves a 16-step process with multiple ingredients. 

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