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Holly Willoughby struggles not to laugh as a unicorn guru asks her to meditate on This Morning

HOLLY Willoughby struggled not to laugh on This Morning when a unicorn guru asked her to meditate with co-host Phillip Schofield.

Self-described “angel lady” Diana Cooper claimed on the show today that unicorns were real and they “illuminate lives and heal souls”.

Diana said she had a visit from her first unicorn, Elfrietha, 12 years ago.

The author said: “They are literally touching anyone who is ready.

“When you think about a unicorn it starts to connect.”

She then encouraged Holly, 39, and Phillip, 58, to close their eyes and picture their very own unicorns, and even name them.

At first Holly appeared to be getting the hang of it and concentrated as she tried to visualise her own unique unicorn.

Even the This Morning camera crew joined in on the bizarre segment, with staff and producers standing still with their eyes closed as they followed the steps.

Eventually Holly began to smile and sceptical Phillip opened his eyes to check if Holly was still meditating.

Phil failed to meet his unicorn, but Holly enjoyed the experience.

Though she added: “If you’d have asked me to see an armadillo, I would have seen that.”

While at home, viewers chipped in too, including former pop star Chesney Hawkes.

He said he’d definitely found his unicorn and its name was Greg.

I found my inner unicorn with @hollywills and @Schofe #ThisMorning His name is Greg

Late to the party today… when you gotta stroke your Unicorn.. you gotta do it..


One viewer said: “These people have to be having a laugh? No-one really believes they have an inner unicorn????”

Another tweeted: “I don’t think Phillip was taking meeting his inner unicorn seriously enough.”

As one more viewer said they met their unicorn, writing: “My unicorn nuzzled me and had green hair and called Emerald! I kid you not, there was a cold chill across my neck where its head was!!”

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