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Holly Willoughby squeals with joy as lucky This Morning viewer becomes second ever to land £3,000 Spin To Win jackpot

HOLLY Willoughby squealed with joy as a lucky This Morning viewer became the second in history to land the £3,000 Spin To Win jackpot.

The 39-year-old star could not hide her delight as the wheel settled on the top prize – with her co-host Phillip Schofield admitting he’d adjusted his spinning technique in a conscious bid to get the £3k.

Jackie from Lancashire’s morning got off to a great start after she got through to the daytime show, with Phil telling her before spinning: “We have a £3000 jackpot, and since we have come back after the summer it hasn’t been won yet.”

Holly replied: “I don’t think it’s ever been won? I don’t think anyone’s ever won the three grand?”

Her co-host then clarified that it had only been won once before, adding: “Every day I try to spin it in a different way.

“I did it slightly less than yesterday because it always just overshoots the £3000.”

At first he worried that it was going too fast, but gasped in shock as he realised that it was whizzing around again – and slowing down at exactly the right time.

Holly and Phil started to gasp, with Holly exclaiming “ooh!” as the jackpot got closer.

When it finally landed on the spot, Holly squealed as she screamed: “Oh my god!”

Unable to hide her excitement, she told Jackie: “That’s amazing!

“Well done, you’ve just won three grand – we were just saying noone’s won it, well they have now! Two people!

“Congratulations – what are you going to spend the money on?”

Clearly in shock, Jackie said that she didn’t know – with smiling Holly replying: “What a lovely problem to have.”

Yesterday, Phil was left red-faced when he made a huge blunder in Spin To Win – telling a fan that they’d won £250,000.

When the caller landed on the prize of a holiday and £250, it was clearly a slip of the tongue when Phil shouted, “you’ve won £250,000!”.

The cash prizes only go up to £3000 and he swiftly corrected himself, saying: “Our competition department upstairs are going to be saying ‘what the hell just happened’ … it’s ‘£250’ and a holiday!”

Tickled This Morning viewers flocked to Twitter to react to the blunder, sharing their sympathy for the caller.

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