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Holly Willoughby in tears speaking to Phillip Schofield on This Morning ‘Can feel relief’

THIS MORNING continued today with a very different start to the show with a very emotional chat with host Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield revealing that Phillip is coming out as gay after 27 years married to his wife Steph.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford introduced Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield this morning after an Instagram post from Phillip explained after 27 years married to his wife, he wanted to be brave and announced he is gay. Holly and Phillip who are of course great friends broke down in tears as Holly spoke to him about coming out to his family.

Ruth began: “Good morning. This is quite a different start to this show. As you know this is a family show.

“You share your lives with us and today we are sharing with you. Phillip Schofield is here with not just his on-screen partner but also his friend. 

The camera panned over to Holly and Phil on the sofa as she continued: “You may have just seen on social just now.

“A statement very personal to him. I have never been so proud of my friend.”


In a statement posted on his official Instagram today, Phillip said: “My inner conflict contrasts with an outside world that has changed so very much for the better.

“Today, quite rightly, being gay is a reason to celebrate and be proud.

“Yes, I am feeling pain and confusion, but that comes only from the hurt that I am causing to my family.”

The TV personality also took the opportunity to mention his This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby and credited her for being “kind and wise”.

He wrote: “My friends are the best, especially Holly, who has been so kind and wise – and who has hugged me as I sobbed on her shoulder.”

Speaking on This Morning, Holly said to her friend: “Now, you haven’t had your hand forced here.”

Phillip replied: “This is my decision, it was something I knew I had to do and I don’t know what the world will be like now.

“At the same time I will sit here and say I am proud of myself today.”

“You should be,” replied Holly. “And your daughters Molly and Ruby are a credit to you and Steph.”

Phillip explained: “It wasn’t easy but there were they are so amazing in their love and support.

“I sat them down and they jumped up and hugged, a long hug and they said ‘It’s ok, it’s ok.

“This is fine, we will be ok, we will always be a family we will always be that.’”

Phillip broke down in tears talking about his family leaving Holly tearing up as well. 

He struggled to continue: “Mum is watching this today in Cornwall.

“I went down to see her and I told her and she said, ‘Oh ok, well I don’t care and that’s the same as with everyone.’”

Holly took a moment to compose herself before telling Phillip: “That’s amazing. I can feel the relief coming off you.

“What does the future look like?” 

He explained: “This was the big day, this was the day I knew everything was pointing towards.

“I couldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been you,” he told Holly as he broke down in tears.

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