‘His head got stuck in the shark’s jaws!’ Divers are shaken by a near-death encounter.


‘His head got stuck in the shark’s jaws!’ Divers are shaken by a near-death encounter.

After a diver had a near-death encounter in Fiji, a TIGER SHARK attack was broadcast online.

Before pals kicked the shark away, a large tiger shark known as “Big Mama” was videotaped chomping down on a diver’s head. The hungry shark can be seen swimming around a group of divers in real-time underwater footage.

As it circled the group, the shark appears to be harmless.

According to the Fiji Times, the shark reappeared after a short time and attacked the group of twelve divers.

One of the divers’ heads was bitten by the shark.

The victim went to a local clinic with eight centimetre-long and 0.5-centimetre-deep wounds on his skull, according to a medical report.

The tiger shark was said to be between four and five meters long.

An organized tour group took passengers out for a drive off the coast of Beqa Island, Fiji, when the tragedy occurred.

“The shark turned to bite the divers, and my friend was the unlucky one,” a close friend of the victim who witnessed the near-miss told the Fiji Times.

“All of the diving masters attempted to shove her away at that point, but it was too late.

“His head was stuck in the shark’s mouth, and the dive master eventually kicked her out.

“The victim’s mask and sweatshirt were ripped off while the shark was leaving.”

Although the incident occurred two years ago, video of it has lately appeared on the internet.

Every year, more than 100 humans are attacked by sharks around the world, however the majority of these assaults are not fatal.

Some of the larger shark species have been observed in UK waters. After more than 100 sightings, experts warned in January that great white sharks are “more than likely” to be in British waters.

“Britain is undoubtedly the finest spot in the world to observe a basking shark, and porbeagles are pretty prevalent in the UK,” National Geographic explorer Professor Yannis Papastamatiou told The Sun.


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