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Hipster Byron Bay couple defend their decision to ‘make love’ in front of their five-month-old son

An Australian artist who gave birth to her son five months ago has defended her decision to ‘make love’ with her husband while the little boy is in the room, after some of her followers called the behaviour ‘inappropriate’.

Sally Mustang and her husband Mitch Gobel, 30, who embody the ‘free-spirited’ lifestyle of the Northern Rivers region of NSW, welcomed their son Azure Sitara Mustang on February 15.

On Sunday Sally, 30, shared a post on Instagram detailing how she ‘makes love’ to the father of her child with Azure in the room, and she wondered why something so ‘natural’ had a line ‘drawn’ through it in society that made her actions seem unacceptable. 

In the black and white photo that accompanied the caption Sally was lying naked on a picnic rug, presumably in the couple’s garden.

‘We have been making love a lot lately with Azure present. There is so much freedom there but also fear,’ she wrote.

‘Who made me think it was wrong for a baby to witness its mumma and dada make love? To be in that absolute creative devotion together.’ 

The post – which was live for 12 hours before it was deleted shortly before 8am on Monday morning – sparked hundreds of comments from other parents who questioned her ‘natural’ decision.

Many of them said that sex is an ‘adult topic’ too complicated for young children to understand, and Azure could have issues with sexuality down the track as a result.

‘Imagine if he came to you at eight years old and said he was ready to have sex, because sex was such an open topic in your household,’ one woman said.

‘Please note I have worked and studied a lot with sex and sexual trauma. In no way am I subjecting my son to this so if you have had a hard story when it comes to sexuality I’m really sorry this happened for (sic) you and I’m sending you love from my heart,’ she said.

‘I understand your projections will be deep and probably judgmental of me.’

Sally said her term ‘making love’ referenced ‘making out, massage and anything me and Mitch define as love together’.

She said while Azure was ‘present’ he was asleep and lying on the other side of their bed, or playing on a rug with his toys while the couple were on the couch.

‘Our house doesn’t have any rooms that aren’t connected so basically we are in one big room in our house. We don’t sit him down and make him watch us at all,’ she said.

‘What I meant is that free love should be shared freely, we should kiss and touch our loved ones.’

The artist and part-time yogi said she was trying to encourage freedom but wanted to ‘apologise for the triggers and if I hurt someone’s feelings’.

‘I am deleting the post due to some really bad energy there and attacks on me and my family,’ she said. 

It’s not known how her 324,000 Instagram followers handled her explanation and apology because none of their responses can be seen publicly. 

The couple first set the internet alight when they started sharing the intimate details of what goes on between the sheets in 2016.

Their bohemian adventures quickly earned them a collective half a million Instagram followers. 

Photoshoots and online fame followed, before Sally took to her personal profile in May 2017 to reveal they had broken up in a shock split.

They eventually agreed to open relationship before the pair rekindled their love, with Mitch proposing to Sally in 2018. They were married in May 2019.

More recently Sally spoke about the birth of Azure, which was in a birthing pool at home after 22 hours, and said it was the most ‘excruciating’ pain she has ever been in.  

She has been very honest on social media about how uncomfortable breastfeeding was initially, how sore her body was post-birth and what a learning experience being a mother is.  

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