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Hilarious moment Tipping Point contestant ‘doesn’t know any Scottish cities’

A Tipping Point contestant was unable to name a single Scottish city – leaving viewers gobsmacked.

Both contestants on yesterday’s episode of the daytime show were unable to identify that Strathclyde University was in Glasgow.

But after Irishman Don passed the question on to English contestant Bethany, she conceded that she didn’t even know a single city north of the border.

Host Ben Shephard told her: “You can give me as many Scottish cities as you like before you give me the one that you want to be your answer.”

But she openly admitted: “I don’t actually know any”, leaving the presenter stunned.

And rather than taking a stab at Edinburgh, Glasgow or even Aberdeen, she went on to have a punt at where the uni could be and came up with the fictional name ‘Stratham’, asking “Is that even a place?”

Don then admitted he would have guessed Glasgow before it was unsurprisingly revealed that Bethany was incorrect.

Fans slammed the attempt at an answe on Twitter.

Is Scotland even a real city ? #tippingpoint

You gotta love #tippingpoint, where else could someone who literally doesn’t know any Scottish cities win

Imagine not knowing a single city in Scotland and managing to get to the final of a quiz show. #TippingPoint


One said: “The U.K. summed up in one short clip #indyref2.”

Another asked: “How the hell do you not know ANY Scottish cities?”

And one more joked: “Geography lessons from Dominic Raab perhaps.”

While another added: “That is embarrassing, someone buy her a book about Scottish cities, I’ll happily pay towards it.”

The University of Strathclyde even got involved and trolled Bethany themselves.

They tweeted from their account: “Stratham?!

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