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Hilarious moment father uses his ‘dad voice’ to tell off a bear opening his car door

A car owner used his best ‘dad voice’ to try to stop a bear breaking into his vehicle – and was amazed when it worked.

Hilarious footage filmed from the safety of a cabin in the woods in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, shows the huge black bear taking a closer look at a parked Jeep-style vehicle. 

The car owner films the bear standing up on its hind legs like a human and deftly opening the car door with its paws. 

Under his breath, the car owner says: ‘Oh my gosh.’ 

He then raises his voice sternly to use his best ‘dad voice’ and shouts at the bear, saying: ‘Hey! No, don’t do that!’ 

The startled bear looks over to see who is yelling and releases the car door which slams shut. 

The man laughs in amusement or relief however, it’s not over yet as the curious bear attempts to break in for a second time and opens the car door again.  

The man yells ‘Hey!’ again in a strict voice and this time the bear lets the car door go, drops to all fours and wanders back into the woods.

As the bear finally skulks away, the man jokes laughing, ‘Come on man, what’s wrong with you?’  

The father-of-three had been staying with his wife in a cabin in the woods of Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a weekend to celebrate his birthday when the incident with the bear took place. 

The incident was caught on camera last week on July 23. 

It was filmed near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which has a population of roughly 1,500 bears. 

The man in the video said: ‘My wife and I were at a cabin for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. 

‘We have three young sons, so when a black bear wandered out of the woods and opened my car door, I used what my kids call ‘the dad voice’ to yell at the bear, and he immediately stopped what he was doing and closed my car door for me. Twice.’  

The American black bear is a medium-sized bear native to North America.

A healthy male Tennessee black bear can be between four to seven feet long and weigh as much as 500lbs in the winter months.  

Bears are very curious animals and will often stand on their hind legs to get a better view or a better sense of hearing and smell.

They are also very dexterous and strong and have been seen unscrewing lids of jars.

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