Hikes by Iain Robertson: The star of River City tackles the West Highland Route


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1/1 and 1/1

What’s the tale?

Iain Robertson rejoices.

There’s a good yarn he wants. I can admit it to you.

No, roaming – just like walking on the West Highland Way. The star of River City and Small Faces is followed by a new two-part documentary from BBC Scotland as he makes the 96-mile trek from Milngavie to Fort William.

Star outlander Graham McTavish on an adventure in the Hebrides.

Is he a passionate hiker?

“I’ve always been a hiker. There’s nothing I love more than strolling through the well-trodden paths of Scotland. After a few failed attempts in my youth, I wanted to walk the West Highland Way again.”I’ve always been a hiker. There is nothing I love more than strolling through Scotland’s well-trodden paths. I wanted to walk the West Highland Way again after a few failed attempts in my youth.

Only tell me more.

His journey through Scotland’s magnificent landscape is charted by a heartwarming and humorous video diary. The first episode demonstrates the 47-mile path to Crianlarich’s halfway point. Robertson is joined by actor Steven Duffy, who played his brother in the band Small Faces, for the first 20 miles.

Once at Loch Lomond, Robertson is joined by chef and restaurateur Guy Cowan and author Donna Franceschild of Takin ‘Over The Asylum.

Andrew Cotter and his famous Olive and Mabel dogs are climbing the Scottish mountains.

On the beautiful shore, there’s a fancy packed picnic, a dramatic dog rescue and a fateful foray into kayaking before Robertson reunites in Crianlarich with his River City co-star Lesley Hart.

Where to look.

Thursday, 8:30pm, Iain Robertson Rambles starts on BBC Scotland.


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