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High Street designer doubles that’ll save you thousands after Gwyneth Paltrow sells washing-up kit with no soap for £31

RETAILERS are making it ­easier for us to upgrade indoors, with bargain replicas of swanky home accessories and furniture.

Last week, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop made headlines for charging £31 for a washing-up kit that did not include soap – when Wilko sells versions for less than a fiver.

And it is not just Gwynnie’s designs that have dirt-cheap doubles.
An almost identical version of the Le Creuset cast-iron dish costs £172 less at Dunelm.

But can you tell the difference? Here, Clemmie Fieldsend compares the prices of designer and budget versions of homeware, while interior designer Faye Robinson-Hey explains key differences.

White Chair

Faye says: “Both are made from similar materials, but owning a genuine Eames chair is a style statement.”

Save: £351.10

Faye says: “You pay more for the recognised Le Creuset branding embossed on the lid, a toughened enamel interior, and lifetime guarantee.”

Save: £172

Faye says: “The Neon Beach sign is more detailed and can be customised so you can choose different mounting options.

“It is also designed to last ten years.”

Save: £96.02

Faye says: “Both products are 100 per cent cotton. The Liberty of London has a 300 thread count per square inch, compared to a 144 thread count on the H&M version.

“You are paying for luxury.”

Save: £355.01

Faye says: “The Eos shade uses goose feathers which are applied by hand, The one from BHS one uses different-sized feathers, making it look uneven.”

Save: £180

Faye says: “There’s not much difference.

“Oka’s looks slightly more realistic and is made from premium materials.”

Save: £185.01

Faye says: “Both have similar toasting functions so you are paying more for the iconic Smeg design and premium finish.

Save: £159.01

Faye says: “The more expensive Chesterfield comes in a range of quality fabrics and leathers.

“It also looks more elaborate.”

Save: £689.52

Faye says: “Harrods is an approved seller of the designs of Italian artist Fornasetti.

“The Wish version is a copy and looks slightly stretched, and it does not come with a scented candle.”

Save: £132

Total savings: £2,319.67

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