He’s returned! Juncker makes a startling remark regarding Merkel’s “latent tiredness.”


He’s returned! Juncker makes a startling remark regarding Merkel’s “latent tiredness.”

During a documentary about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker made a shocking claim against her.

Despite her departure from politics, the former EU official stated that Merkel suffered from “latent tiredness” that resulted in tremors. Mr Juncker claimed that Germany’s leader had become terrified as a result of the tremors she had experienced during her early years in office. Mr Juncker stated that the German Chancellor suffered as a result of the enormous amount of work she undertook in an RTL program titled “Angela Merkel – Her Path, Her Secrets, and Her Future.”

“They weren’t for psychiatric or emotional reasons, but more latent fatigue,” he told RTL about an incident in 2019.

“Even seasoned men can’t stand working 17, 18 hours a day like this woman.”

Despite the vibrations, Mr Juncker maintained that the Chancellor was full of energy and enthusiasm for the job.

“I’ve seen her in numerous evening sessions when she was wide-awake,” he continued.

Mrs Merkel has been the German Chancellor since 2005, and she will stand down in September of this year.

The Chancellor has also been dubbed the European Union’s de-facto leader.

Mrs Merkel attended a joint press conference with US President Joe Biden on Thursday, ahead of her departure as Chancellor.

During the news conference, the two expressed their concern over Russia’s increasing assertiveness.

“We stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flank NATO friends against Russian aggression,” Mr. Biden said.

During the news conference, the two also discussed China’s anti-democratic policies.

“When we see China or any other government seeking to undermine free and open societies, we will stand up for democratic principles and human rights,” Trump responded.

“We are unified, united in our commitment to combat democratic backsliding, corruption, and false populism in the European Union, among EU candidates, and anywhere else in the world.”

“We all share the same values; we all share the same resolve to confront the difficulties of our time,” Mrs Merkel continued.

“There is widespread agreement that China is our rival in many sectors, and that trade with China must be based on the assumption of a level playing field.”

The couple, on the other hand, declined to be drawn on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline’s challenges and worries.

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