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Hertha too small for Klinsmann’s visionary ideas

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) — It is far from a bold guess that Hertha BSC will be Juergen Klinsmann’s final chapter in German football, considering all of his possible job options.

The 55-year-old’s resignation as head coach after only eleven weeks came as a thunderbolt containing unpredictable, explosive power. The former German and US national coach decisions surprised Hertha’s officials as it did fans and the public.

Klinsmann’s plans to turn a grey-mouse-side into a big city club in collaboration with investor Lars Windhorst have crashed. A pile of shattered fragments remains with an uncertain future aside.

Announcing his decision via social media channels won’t strengthen the former Bayern coach’s reputation. His achievements as a German national coach around the 2006 World Cup seem no more than a fade memory.

It appears the 108-time capped former German international failed to fit together the old and new world of Hertha.

Rumors say he demanded a higher salary, more influence, and a new contract over a longer extended period, which was rejected by Hertha’s managing director Michael Preetz and president Werner Gegenbauer. The current deal was said to expire at the end of the 2019/2020 season.

Recent reports spoke of turmoil in the club as not everyone was willing to follow Klinsmann’s ambitious plans.

Intentions to remain a member of the club’s board appear quixotic under these circumstances.

Not only Klinsmann is left back in poor light but the club. Today’s incidents give evidence that the engagement hasn’t been prepared as conscientious as needed.

While Klinsmann and Windhorst pushed changes at high speed, Preetz and Gegenbauer pressed the break. Windhorst invested over 250 million euros.

Klinsmann claims having missed the needed trust and support from club officials.

The response to today’s incidents has been dramatic. Many see Klinsmann’s departure as a hasty escape. Some feel vindicated and regard Klinsmann as an egomaniac.

As a player, he changed clubs nearly every year. Unforgotten his kick into a gigantic promotion barrel placed next to the bench of Bayern Munich after he was taken off the pitch by coach Giovanni Trapattoni.

Others speak of a wasted chance for Hertha to ride the wave on Klinsmann’s shoulders. Before resigning, he talked about wanting to reach the Champions League within the next three to five years. Hertha is the most thrilling football project in Europe he said.

The 1990 World Champion’s engagement in Berlin was seen as his last attempt to make up for his poor record when coaching Bayern Munich, where he got the sack after only ten months.

Now Hertha has to collect bits and pieces and find a new coach. But much more a promising future seems in danger without figurehead Klinsmann. In the end Hertha could develop the courage to follow the visionary but arduous ideas.

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