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Hero police officer rescues wheelchair-bound man stuck on rail tracks before train speeds through 

 A heroic police office rescued a man whose wheelchair got stuck on train tracks in an incredibly close call.

The officer, Erika Urrea, dragged the man out of his chair with just seconds to spare. The goods train hurtled past, knocking the man’s leg, before the pair collapsed on the ground.

The drama in Lodi, California, was captured by Officer Urrea’s body camera. It happened at 8.45pm on August 12. 

She was driving in her squad car when she saw the railroad arms coming down with the man stuck on the tracks.

Urrea dashed to the scene to help, asking ‘can you get up?’ as she unbuckled the 66-year-old man from his chair.

In the footage, she can be seen shouting ‘get up, get up, get up’ as she tries to pull the man to safety.

The train blasts its horn as it heads towards the wheelchair, which is still on the tracks.    

Officer Urrea shouts ‘I need an ambulance now’ as she runs back to help the injured man while the train continues to speed past. 

The man’s leg was hit by the passing train and he was taken to hospital but is expected to survive, police said. 

It is unclear how long he had been on the tracks. 

The police department have called Officer Urrea a hero.

A Lodi Police Department spokesperson said: ‘Officer Urrea was just in the area. She’s willing to help, and what she did was very heroic.

‘She prevented a tragedy and she saved a man’s life. She’s very humble in doing so.’  

The police department also said on Facebook, ‘Officer Urrea risked her own life to save another… We are extremely proud of Officer Erika Urrea and her heroism.’  

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