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Helena Bonham Carter jokes she intends to sell expensive props from set of The Crown on eBay

HELENA Bonham Carter is the favourite to take home the Best Supporting Actress gong at tonight’s TV Baftas – but her cupboards are already bulging with plunder from The Crown.

The star, who has been nominated for playing Princess Margaret in the royal drama, has admitted she’s got a haul of props and is considering flogging it all online.

And because the series, which returns to Netflix this autumn, cost an estimated £1million per episode, the objects were sometimes worth their weight in gold.

Helena joked: “I got loads of stuff — it’s all going on eBay. I’ve got lots of pearls, though I’ll send those back.

“But we got real, proper props. There was this lighter which was fantastically heavy — it was pure gold, it was ridiculous.

“I was like, ‘How much did this cost?’ And they told me and it was just shocking.”

But there is one prop she’s promised to pass on to Lesley Manville, who is taking over the role.

It was handed to Helena by Vanessa Kirby, who won a Bafta in 2018 for playing the princess in seasons 1 and 2 of the show.

Helena said: “I feel I should hand her the cigarette holder — the baton. It’s this race we’re all running. I’m so chuffed it’s her, she’s a great actress and she’ll have fun.

“Vanessa Kirby was incredibly kind, and gave me lots of tips when I said, ‘Help, how do I do this?’

“When you play someone everyone thinks they know, you’ve got that hanging on your shoulder.

“Then you’ve got another person — who’s just won a Bafta — hanging on the other shoulder. It was scary. I wasn’t immediately like, ‘I’ve got to do it!’”

But Helena says she relished playing a part that was a departure from the roles she was typecast in when she started acting in the Eighties.

She said: “I was the period costume posh girl. Luckily I got typecast in novels, so I thought ‘This is great’. I’ve got great characters — better than the Baywatch option.

“With Margaret, people were ready to be frightened of me.

“Just having the power and the licence to behave badly, it was fantastic.”

With a role like that, I’m sure the Bafta is in the bag for Helena.

SURANNE Jones looks like she’s using a dog as practice for lifting another gong.

The actress, who won a Bafta in 2016 for her role in Doctor Foster, has again been nominated as Best Leading Actress for Gentleman Jack.

Suranne admits she threw herself into the role of Anne Lister – the fearless 18th century lesbian – in the BBC One drama.

She said: “There’s this deep passion of wanting to dive into every aspect of her and get as much as we possibly could.

“We fell in love with each other.”

This exclusive snap, by top photographer Rankin, shows Suranne at home with two miniature dachshunds and a half-finished jigsaw.

Very rock ’n’ roll.

JOE Absolom has come a long way from his best known roles in EastEnders and Doc Martin – now he has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award at the Baftas.

But his performance as wiry serial killer Christopher Halliwell in A Confession was almost scuppered by the amazing caterers on the set of the ITV thriller.

Joe said: “Every reference to him was about how gaunt he was, and so I tried to lose a stone.

“But I’d go in and they have special eggs in the morning and stuff. So I had to resort to taking a packet of dry roasted peanuts back to the hotel instead.”

That really is suffering for your art.

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