Heavy storms are likely to bring floods to Europe, with 150mm of rain expected.


Heavy storms are likely to bring floods to Europe, with 150mm of rain expected.

On Tuesday, the BBC WEATHER forecasts “heavy and thundery showers” over Europe, as the potential of floods in a number of countries rises.

Chris Fakes predicted a low-pressure region in Europe, which is generating major storms across the continent. According to a BBC forecast, the heavy rains might cause floods across France, northern Italy, Switzerland, and portions of Germany.

“On Tuesday, we had some quite strong thundery rains on their way to portions of eastern France, northern Italy, Switzerland, and parts of Germany as well,” Mr Fawkes said.

“The area of low pressure that is causing these large storms is also bringing hail with it.

“There will also be 50 to 75 millimeters of rain.”

“These downpours have the potential to cause localized flooding.

“We are going to see a slow-moving weather front form over the following few days, and we might get as much as 150mms of rainfall over the next several days.

“Southeast Europe is hot and bright all the time.”

England has already experienced widespread floods, with London being particularly hard hit.

The London Fire Brigade said on Monday that the floods had caused a surge in calls.

“Our 999 Control Officers have taken over 150 calls to flooding events across #SWLondon,” the London Fire Brigade tweeted. 999 should only be used in an emergency.

“If there’s a flood, don’t go outside unless it’s really necessary. Avoid wandering over floodwaters and drive with caution.”

Tomasz Schafernaker, a BBC Weather meteorologist, released a video of severe rain pelting South West London on Twitter on Monday.

“Who’s in west London under this ‘MASSIVE’ downpour?” he wrote.

“For about an hour, the thunderstorm has been almost motionless. Wembley, Ealing, Chiswick, Wimbledon…and other areas are in horrible shape.

“There is no doubt that flash floods is occurring…

“Be careful!”

The floodwaters wreaked havoc on London’s Euston train station.

Trains were diverted away from the station and rerouted to London through alternative routes.


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