Heavy storms are expected to hammer the UK, with heavy downpours dumping 40mm of rain.


Heavy storms are expected to hammer the UK, with heavy downpours dumping 40mm of rain.

HEAVY SHOWERS will hit the UK on Monday, although there will be sun breaks in between the downpours.

Carol Kirkwood, a BBC Breakfast weather forecaster, told viewers that Autumn has arrived in full force. More heavy rain is forecast to hit millions of Britons on Monday, with 30mm-40mm of rain expected in northern portions of England.

On Monday morning, Ms Kirkwood added, there is some severe rain coming over the southeast, but it will dissipate as the day progresses.

She went on to say that the majority of us are in for “a day of sunshine and showers,” with some of the rains being torrential.

The weather presenter went on to say that there would be some overcast, but it will not be as windy as it was during the weekend.

Despite the variable cloud cover, the sun will break through in various parts of the country on Monday.

“Later in the day, our second area of low pressure, it, too, is going to generate some torrential rain and gusty winds,” Ms Kirkwood continued.

However, rain will continue to fall in westerly areas, with some of it becoming heavy, thunderous, and even bringing hail.

Monday’s highs will be 17 degrees in Norwich, 16 degrees in London, 15 degrees in Hull, 16 degrees in Cardiff, 14 degrees in Newcastle, and 13 degrees in Glasgow.

As Monday evening approaches, Britons will see the entrance of a massive wet weather front from the west, which will drench southwest England, Wales, and the midlands.

She went on to say that this front may deliver anywhere from 30 to 40 millimeters of rain in a matter of hours.

On Tuesday, the rain is expected to continue as it “wraps around” the UK, soaking much of the country.

It will deliver particularly heavy rain to the northeast and northwest of England, with torrential downpour possible.

Wet places will be cooled by breezy and strong breezes that will sweep in from the west.

On Tuesday, temperatures will drop to 15 degrees in London, 14 degrees in Liverpool, 14 degrees in Belfast, and 13 degrees in Aberdeen.

Ms Kirkwood also mentioned that there will be a small respite from the rain on Wednesday, but it will not stay long for many.

On Wednesday, a new weather front is expected to pound Scotland and Northern Ireland with additional rain and winds. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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