Heavy rain is expected to sweep across the UK before lightning storms strike, according to a new forecast from the BBC.


Heavy rain is expected to sweep across the UK before lightning storms strike, according to a new forecast from the BBC.

A cluster of severe thundery thunderstorms is expected to descend on the United Kingdom this weekend, according to BBC WEATHER.

According to Stav Danaos of BBC Breakfast, the UK will be characterized by periods of sunshine and showers this weekend. The BBC Weather expert stated that while there would be reasonably severe winds across the east coast, overall winds will be less than earlier this week. However, thunderstorms are expected to develop in certain areas throughout the afternoon, according to the forecaster.

“Things are looking a little bit better for this weekend with sunlight and showers,” Mr Danaos said.

“Because of the northern winds flowing in behind this region of low pressure, it will feel quite cool for this time of year.

“There are still some really severe winds on the east coast, but the winds will be lighter for the most part.

“As the afternoon progresses, heavy, thundery showers will develop throughout parts of England and Wales,” he said. “There will be sunshine and showers again tomorrow, particularly across southern areas.”

“It will feel very cool again for the time of year,” says the BBC’s long-range forecast for the first week of August, which shows that low pressure will remain in Europe.

“The big region of low pressure in place across northern Europe is anticipated to stay in place through at least the first half of August while high pressure builds in the Atlantic and Central Russia,” according to BBC Weather.

“These two highs will tend to dominate large-scale weather systems, trapping low pressure near us in northern or northern-eastern Europe.

“What this means for the UK is that we should expect much cooler, wetter, and windier weather than we normally see in the late summer.

“Day-to-day weather will be more variable, with some dry, sunny periods thrown in here and there.

“There don’t appear to be any significant changes in the weather pattern across the North Atlantic and Europe for at least the next few weeks, so we have high confidence that we will continue to see cooler, unsettled weather into mid-August,” the forecast said. “As weather fronts move through from the west or northwest, we may get a brief ridge of high pressure, but this shouldn’t last for long.”

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