Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to bring ‘disruption’ across Europe this weekend.


Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to bring ‘disruption’ across Europe this weekend.

Heavy rain is expected over the continent, as well as thunderstorms and strong winds, according to BBC Weather.

Stav Danaos, a BBC weather forecaster, predicted that central and southeastern Europe would have some of the wettest weather throughout the weekend. Many sections of central Europe will also see temperatures in the mid-teens. Things will stay dry and sunny in eastern Europe, although temperatures in southeastern Europe will drop slightly.

Mr. Danaos explained: “This weekend, the northern half of Europe will be dominated by low pressure.

“Off the coast of the Atlantic, we’ve got a swarm of them.

“It may cause considerable inconvenience, as well as heavy rain and severe winds.

“Certainly, that’s what we’ve seen in the last 24 hours.”

There will be some rain elsewhere in central Europe, according to the BBC Weather forecaster.

The majority of the continent, particularly eastern Europe, will continue to be dry and sunny.

He stated, ” “The Mediterranean is mostly pleasant, dry, and sunny.

“There will be a few showers and thunderstorms, especially in the direction of Italy.

“There is plenty of sunshine everywhere, and eastern Europe will see an improvement.

“There will be more sunshine than there has been recently.

“The Balkans and Greece have been hit by northerly winds.

“Temperatures will be slightly lower, but they will rebound, and Cyprus will enjoy lots of warmth and sunshine.”

Over the weekend, the weather forecaster highlighted how wet the UK and northern France are anticipated to be.

He stated, ” “For the weekend, the weather will be extremely wet, windy, and disruptive.

“That rain will be making its way eastwards at a leisurely pace.

“On Sunday, that band of rain will spread across much of Europe’s central and southwestern regions.

“There may also be some very strong rain showers in the direction of Denmark and Scandinavia.


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