Heatwave maps in the UK: When hot weather is predicted after severe floods – the most recent data


Heatwave maps in the UK: When hot weather is predicted after severe floods – the most recent data

FLASH FLOODS have wreaked havoc in the capital and areas of the south, but a heatwave is expected to hit the UK soon.

The UK is set to be scorched by a heatwave later this week, as temperatures are projected to increase after a week of erratic weather. This week, flash floods wreaked havoc on the capital, while other portions of the south and east of England were drenched. So, where in the United Kingdom are temperatures expected to rise?

At the start of the week, heavy rains caused flash flooding in many sections of London after nearly three inches of rain fell in 90 minutes.

Roads were flooded, and cars were partially submerged, causing travel hardship for Londoners.

Commuter pandemonium was exacerbated when train and public transportation services were forced to be canceled.

After the tremendous downpours on Monday evening, one of the capital’s busiest transport hubs, Euston Station, was closed.

More than 1,000 calls connected to the flash floods were received by the London Fire Brigade, according to the London Fire Brigade.

This weekend, portions of the UK are expected to experience a heatwave, which will help to dry out the country after a week of rain.

This weekend, temperatures in certain parts of the UK could reach 29 degrees Celsius.

The heat wave is expected to peak on Sunday, with highs of up to 29 degrees Celsius expected in some parts of the country.

The Met Office predicts that this mini-heatwave will peak in the capital, which will be welcome news to many Londoners who have had a rainy start to the week.

On Saturday and Sunday, temperatures in England’s south east and Wales will climb due to the heatwave.

Even those outside of London, the south east, and Wales, where the heatwave is expected to be at its hottest, can expect a weekend of dry, warm weather.

From Saturday, the Met Office predicts a largely dry weekend with plenty of sunshine for most of the UK.

Temperatures should be fairly warm inland by Saturday, according to the national forecaster, while milder temperatures are projected around coastal coasts.

Cloudier skies with rain are expected in the far northwest of the country. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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