Heatwave LIVE: Brits throng to the beach ahead of a 90-degree weekend – new photos


Heatwave LIVE: Brits throng to the beach ahead of a 90-degree weekend – new photos

Forecasters warn that Britons will be hit by a blistering heatwave this weekend, followed by a boiling hot air surge from North Africa on Freedom Day.

Temperatures in London are anticipated to reach 31 degrees Celsius, surpassing those on the continent, with 29 degrees Celsius predicted for Ibiza on Sunday.

“The extension of the Azores high is the main cause for the UK’s current weather pattern, which will see much of the UK surpass heatwave thresholds over the weekend and into early next week,” said Andy Page, a meteorologist at the Met Office.

“High temperatures are expected to last well into next week, although isolated heavy showers are possible in the south of the UK on Monday and Tuesday, while most regions should be fine.”

Medical specialists and veterinarians have issued warnings about the severe heat, urging people to keep the vulnerable population and animals safe.

People should keep an eye out for those who may struggle to stay cool and hydrated, such as the elderly and those who live alone, according to Public Health England.

Rising temperatures, according to emergency animal care company Vets Now, could raise the risk of heat stroke in dogs.

As the weather warms up, the vet service sees an increase in calls, and has cautioned that temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius put pets at risk, with only 50% of canines surviving heat stroke.

The warmest day of the year so far is expected to be Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to reach 30°C or more from York to Cardiff, as well as portions of East Anglia.

According to Aidan McGivern, a Met Office meteorologist, Sunday will be “a hot day, the warmest day of the year so far, the hottest weekend of the year so far.”


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