Heatwave in the UK mapped: A new chart shows the entire country roasting as a 30°C heat wave rolls in.


Heatwave in the UK mapped: A new chart shows the entire country roasting as a 30°C heat wave rolls in.

According to the latest weather maps, the UK is bracing for scorching heat, with temperatures expected to reach 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

As a swath of high pressure sweeps across the country next week, fresh projections predict that sweltering conditions will blanket the whole country.

Also, Netweather’s most recent maximum temperature charts.

Large swaths of the United Kingdom are turning a dark red color as the country is blasted by scorching heat.

Temperatures are expected to reach the high 20s early next week, according to the latest weather maps.

The temperature is forecast to rise even higher, reaching 30 degrees Celsius on September 8th.

Plumes of “extremely warm air” coming over from southern Europe are causing the September heat wave.

According to The Weather Outlook’s most recent forecast, “the meteorological summer has gone, but hot weather may not be done with us yet this year!”

“High pressure will migrate eastward in the next days, allowing exceptionally warm air from southern Europe to filter northward.

“Temperatures could reach 30°C (86°F) early next week, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty with low pressure approaching from the southwest.”

Temperatures in the southeast of England are expected to reach 27 degrees Celsius on Monday, September 6, according to the Weather Outlook’s temperature models.

In the Midlands, highs of 26°C are anticipated, with 23°C in Wales and the North East.

The hot weather is expected to extend in a north-westerly direction next Tuesday, with highs of 26°C in the middle parts of the country, 25°C in Wales, and 24°C in the north, according to temperature maps.

According to The Weather Outlook’s charts, hot weather from Europe continues to engulf Britain on Wednesday, with temperatures reaching 30°C in central and southern portions of the country.

At the start of next week, Met Office forecaster Grahame Madge predicts a “nice period” of weather for the UK.

“There will be portions of the country that will see substantially warmer temperatures than we have seen in the last couple of weeks in the early part of next week – Tuesday and Wednesday, and possibly Monday and Thursday,” he said.

Following a particularly gloomy August, Britons should expect temperatures to begin to rise this weekend.


As a ridge of high pressure rises in Scandinavia, TV experts promise warm sunlight across the UK.

A model has been tweeted by the weather channel. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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