Heatwave forecast for the UK: The Azores will burn the country as 29°C air rushes in – new weather map


Heatwave forecast for the UK: The Azores will burn the country as 29°C air rushes in – new weather map

According to the most recent weather maps, Britain is likely to broil in the next days as the nation is engulfed by searing Azores heat.

Unpredictable weather over the weekend pelted many parts of the country with heavy rain and thunderstorms. The humidity is expected to persist over the next few days, with Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst predicting “sunshine and showers” on Wednesday. However, due to high pressure pushing hot air into the UK, a heatwave might return next week.

On Friday, July 16, temperatures in Kent could reach 28 degrees Celsius, while other parts of the southeast are expected to be hot on the same day, according to weather maps.

According to Netweather’s newest heat maps, London might have highs of 25°C on the same day, while Bristol and Norwich could get highs of 24°C.

Leeds and Scarborough, in the north, may also reach 25 degrees.

According to the forecast, the hot weather will last until Tuesday, July 20, when London will experience a sweltering 29°C.

The heat might reach from the Azores, a group of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, by mid-July, according to Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook.

“There is more wet weather on the horizon in the immediate term,” he stated.

“A deep region of low pressure is pulling northeastwards, and things will remain mixed for the next three days,” says the National Weather Service.

“All places can expect more precipitation and temperatures that are near to average.

“However, there are hints of gradual progress in the longer term, albeit the road ahead may not be without bumps.

“Computer models indicate that the Azores high pressure will occasionally build northeastwards towards the UK.

“At this time of year, that is a more normal trend, with the driest and warmest temperatures in the south.

“It could be more changeable in the northwest.”

Between Monday, July 12 and Monday, July 19, according to the BBC Weather long-range forecast, sub-tropical air from the Atlantic could help temperatures climb this month.

“The greatest risk to the forecast is that high pressure in the Atlantic may build stronger than expected into northern Europe,” it warned.

“This would be a drier pattern for the southern and eastern parts of the country, however wetter weather in the west and north would still be possible.

“Temperatures would also be slightly warmer, rising slightly above average, particularly in the south.

“The large-scale pattern may persist in the second half of July.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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