Heat is expected to suffocate the United Kingdom until September, while lightning storms have been interrupted.


Heat is expected to suffocate the United Kingdom until September, while lightning storms have been interrupted.

A forecaster has predicted that the UK would see a heat wave with temperatures nearing 27°C, putting a stop to the violent lightning storms that have been sweeping the country.

The month of August has begun on a gloomy note, with the UK hammered by torrential rain and thunderstorms this week. This weekend, the Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for areas of Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England, and North Wales. Temperatures in the Shetland Isles and Northern Ireland are forecast to drop to roughly 14°C tomorrow.

Tyler Roys, senior meteorologist and lead European forecaster at AccuWeather, forecasted a shift in the atmosphere in the second part of August.

Following a gloomy start to the month, he added, temperatures might jump to 27°C, with the warm air perhaps hanging around until September.

“Within the next 15 days, temperatures will mostly be around normal over the UK, at around 22C, with perhaps one or two days in which parts of the Midlands, southern England, and southern Wales may reach near 27C,” he told this website.

“Temperatures in the UK will generally remain normal for the rest of August, at approximately 22°C.

“During this month, there is little chance of temperatures exceeding 27 degrees Celsius.

“Temperatures will likely remain near normal in September, about 20 degrees Celsius.

“Temperatures could reach 24 degrees Celsius on a number of days.”

According to the most recent Netweather heat maps, hot air is expected to hit the southeast of England by the end of August.

On Thursday, August 19, highs of 23°C are expected in London, Kent, and Essex, with 22°C in Doncaster, Birmingham, and Bristol.

Leeds and Manchester, in the north, may also see temperatures of 20 degrees.

Warm air could remain until the end of August, according to BBC Weather’s long-range forecast between Monday, August 16, and Sunday, August 29.

“High pressure may become more influential in the second part of the month, pushing lows north and allowing for some warmer, drier, and more summer-like weather,” according to the prediction.

“Low pressure systems caught in the storm track and powered by the jet stream will be redirected northward as high pressure slowly creeps northward from the Mediterranean Sea.

“Drier weather is expected to move in from the south, bringing a warmer, more tropical air mass with it.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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