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Heartbroken firefighter mum reveals son’s final moments after being first on scene at fatal crash

A firefighter mum has opened up about the night she was called to a horror car crash to find her son Jorn behind the wheel moments before he died.

Ella Hall went into ‘firefighter mode’ when she arrived in the first truck on scene at the Yabba Creek Road smash, 160 km north of Brisbane in the community of Imbil last Thursday.

Ms Hall and her crew had to cut the roof off the crumpled Toyota Camry which had been wrapped around a pole.

Once she gained access, Ms Hall tried desperately to support the 21 year old’s neck and airways, telling him ‘it’s okay’.

The heroic first responder kept her son alive as long as she could, but Jorn eventually died from a ‘unsurvivable brain injury’ the following day after being airlifted to hospital.

‘He’s my boy, I was grateful to be there and help him,’ Ms Hall told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

‘I am grateful that as a mum and a firefighter I got to support him in those moments and hold him and kiss him.’

Ms Hall is a member of Queensland’s auxiliary firefighting service that responds to a variety of emergency situations and disaster scenarios.

Her crew tried in vain to keep her away from the wreckage to spare her the trauma of seeing her critically-ill son.

But she continued to do her job as a first responder, providing care for Jorn and his 19-year-old passenger who escaped with minor injuries.

Jorn’s family said he was the kind of guy that would ‘give you the shirt off his back’ and his mates described him as ‘a great bloke to have a beer with’.

The young man who worked in forestry after studying parks and wildlife courses at Noosa District State High School, loved being outdoors and was saving to buy a property near his father, George Gilbert, at Bollier.

Jorn was known by those who loved him for his incredible generosity and because he was a registered organ donor, and his heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and pancreas were all successfully transplanted, saving the lives of five others.

In the wake of the tragedy, the tight-knit community rallied together and raised over $8,000 in just one day to help the grief-stricken family with funeral costs.

‘It is such a relief that we can send him off properly. Imbil is a very, very special place… Jorn is so well-loved by everybody.’ 

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