‘Heartbreak in his eyes,’ says Prince Harry, following his withdrawal from Afghanistan.


‘Heartbreak in his eyes,’ says Prince Harry, following his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to a close friend, after the Duke was forced to withdraw early from Afghanistan, he had “heartbreak in his eyes.”

JJ Chalmers, a close friend of Prince Harry’s and a Royal Marines veteran, described how the Duke of Sussex was hurt when he was forced to leave an Afghanistan tour early on a BBC podcast.

After a magazine broke a media embargo on reporting on the Duke’s whereabouts, Prince Harry was forced to return to the UK from the warzone.

“[Prince Harry] has deployed to Afghanistan on Herrick 7,” Mr Chalmers told the BBC’s Harry, Meghan and the Media podcast.

“He was supposed to stay for six months over the winter.”

“But to be able to do that, and a media embargo had been imposed, no one would write the story that he was there because, understandably, that would put him in danger.”

“Not only does it jeopardize the mission, but it also jeopardizes others.”

“However, after only 10 weeks on the frontline, Harry would have to be pulled out, and the perpetrators would have to be identified,” BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan continued.

“Why?” says the narrator, “yet another obnoxious journalist.”

“At the time, an Australian magazine thought it would be a good idea to publicize his whereabouts.

“As a result, we’re breaking a carefully arranged global media blackout.”

“And in the blink of an eye, he had to be removed from that situation, which was extremely difficult for him,” Mr Chalmers continued.

“And I remember watching him get off the plane, and even though I didn’t know him at the time, I could see the heartbreak in his eyes as he returned from Afghanistan, and adjusting to the real world is difficult enough as it is.”

“However, I could see dissatisfaction.”

“I believe he descended the plane’s stairs and was picked up by a car that whisked them away, but there must have been a sense of, ‘I’m back in the real world,'” she says.

That’s harrowing, that’s harrowing.

“I mean, it’s had a negative impact on you because your entire life has been ripped apart.”

During his time in the British Army, the Duke of Sussex served two tours in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry spent ten years in the army and rose through the ranks to Captain.

Likewise, he.

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