Heartbreak for Queen: The devastating loss of a second close confidante ‘caps off a difficult year’.


Heartbreak for Queen: The devastating loss of a second close confidante ‘caps off a year of adversity.’

THE QUEEN was “devastated and heartbroken” at the end of the year after one of her closest confidantes and companions died shortly after Christmas.

Four days after Christmas, the Queen’s “right-hand woman” died, leaving the elderly monarch in mourning.

Diana Maxwell, Lady Farnham, died on December 29th at the age of 90.

According to Christina Garibaldi, a US Weekly correspondent, the Queen’s death “taps off a year of hardships for the Queen.”

Ms Garibaldi said on the podcast Royally Us that the loyal aide had served as Queen Elizabeth’s lady-in-waiting for 34 years.

Lady Farnham, the Queen’s Lady of Bedchamber since 1987, was a close friend of the monarch.

After the Queen recognized her personal service, she was given the title of Commander, Royal Victorian Order (CVO) in 1998.

The death comes just weeks after the Duchess of Grafton, another close friend and former Mistress of the Robes, died.

“Queen Elizabeth ended the year with some heartbreaking news,” Ms Garibaldi said.

“She’s had this woman by her side for a long time.

“Unfortunately, it marks the start of a difficult year for the Queen.

This is the year’s second lady-in-waiting to pass away.”

“It must be heartbreaking for her,” said co-host Christine Ross.

She is surrounded by these women.

“They’ve been in this position for a long time.

34 years is an eternity.

“A lady-in-waiting is typically a confidante and a companion.

She might plan her schedule, but they have a habit of anticipating needs.

“These ladies look after the Queen and are very much a part of her daily life.”

“It must be heartbreaking to lose someone like that.”

When Prince Philip was unable to attend the Diamond Jubilee service in 2012, Lady Farnham rode alongside Her Majesty on the way there, according to Ms Garibaldi.

“It is very sad for the Queen,” a royal source told The Telegraph.

Lady Farnham was adored by all because she was so cheerful.

“She was also a stunningly beautiful woman.”

“When new people came into the house, she was always very generous.”

“The Queen has had a difficult year, losing her husband, the Duchess of Grafton, and now Lady Farnham.

“They were close friends who stood by the Queen when she was performing official duties.”

“Unfortunately, one of the unfortunate side effects of living a long life is that you have to say something.

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