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Heart-stopping moment teenage daredevil, 19, risks his life for a selfie scaling 500ft bridge

A teenage daredevil famed for free-climbing tall buildings has risked his life again by scaling a bridge in Scotland. 

Adam Lockwood, 19, and three friends posed for selfies at the top of Forth Road Bridge, which towers around 500ft above the River Forth in central Scotland. 

A film of the stunt last Thursday shows the climbers scaling one of the tower’s cables with just two wires on either side for support. 

Mr Lockwood can just be heard saying ‘my lungs are bursting’ after completing the ascent and taking in the view as the winds blow around the structure. 

The neighbouring Forth Bridge and Queensferry Bridge can be seen straddling the bridge on both sides. 

Mr Lockwood later said: ‘The last time I came to Scotland I wanted to climb this bridge but the weather was too bad so I couldn’t.

‘We had a last-minute spontaneous idea to come to Scotland and within 30 minutes of us arriving we climbed the bridge.

‘It was decent to be up there, windy but it was still a nice walk up the cable.

‘From the bottom to the top took around 10 minutes I’d say, it’s just really steep so hard on your legs.’

After returning to ground level after the dawn ascent on July 23, Mr Lockwood was arrested by police on suspicion of ‘culpable and reckless conduct’ though he has not been charged.  

The mile-and-a-half long bridge is the latest in a list of structures scaled by Mr Lockwood and his friends. 

Earlier this year he clung to the edge of a 590ft-high balcony on the Madison apartment block in Canary Wharf, central London.  

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