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Heart-stopping moment man climbs out of window and dangles child from ledge above 10ft drop

This is the heart-stopping moment a man dangled a child from a ledge above a ten foot drop as a horrified crowd gathered below. 

Screams of horror rang out in the street in Wakefield yesterday as the man climbed out a window holding the little boy under one arm while clinging to the window frame with the other. 

Shocking footage shows the man dressed in shorts and sandals swinging the child as the bystanders yelled at him and gathered below the ledge to catch the toddler. 

In the video, a woman screams as the man, dressed in a black T-shirt and shorts, climbs out the window while holding a child.

Grabbing hold of the window pain, the man crouches down on the ledge, dangling the toddler over it.

Four people stand below holding their arms outstretched to catch the child incase he is dropped.

A woman shouts: ‘It’s a child, what are you doing?” as the man continues to dangle him before climbing back up to the window. 

After swinging the child the unknown man lifted him back through the window of the upstairs flat above a beauty business. 

Police were called to the incident on Saturday evening in Station Road, Featherstone, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. 

According to those who were there, the boy was unharmed. The flat is located above the Picasso beauty parlour.

West Yorkshire Police have been approached for comment. 

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