Haymarket Books Is Having A HUGE Sale on eBooks & You Can Download A Ton Of Political Nonfiction Right Now

You can get 90 percent off of all eBook purchases at Haymarket Books from now until Friday, Nov. 9, so get ready to stock up on political nonfiction books before the midterm elections on Tuesday. I’ve got five political titles picked out for you below, but you should really take a look at Haymarket’s entire collection — which includes poetry, fiction, biography, sports books, and more — before you make a final decision

Haymarket Books is an independent, progressive publishing house founded in 2001. They have published new books by Angela Y. Davis, Naomi Klein, and Rebecca Solnit, and have also published numerous histories of various global uprisings, including the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Communist Revolution, and the Spanish Civil War.

In a period of mass uncertainty and existential panic, literature and journalism can help us find a way through. It’s comforting to know that there are ways to avoid catastrophe in such situations as ours, and reading books like those available from Haymarket — whether they be essay collections or historical records — can help us see a light at the end of this long and dreadful tunnel.

Haymarket’s eBooks are currently available for less than $3 each, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy several all at once. Check out my recommendations below:

Between Benito Mussolini’s rise to power and Adolf Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, German scholar and International Women’s Day organizer Clara Zetkin gave this report on fascism before the Communist International’s Executive Committee. Her insights continue to be relevant today, as far-right movements grow around the world.

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This New York Times bestseller from journalist Naomi Klein offers steps everyone can take to resist a Trumpian takeover in the U.S.

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As workers’ rights continue to be threatened by capitalist, pro-employer policies, it’s important that we remember the long and brutal history of the American labor movement.

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This socialist reader examines the different elements at play in the transition from the country under progressive, history-making Barack Obama, to our current state under Donald Trump.

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Does everyone need policing? This essay collection examines that question and more in its analysis of police presence among marginalized communities.

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