Hawaii has been shaken by a massive earthquake with 12 aftershocks, causing terror among residents.


A POWERFUL earthquake has rocked Hawaii and caused panic for thousands of people on the island.

A 6.2 magnitude offshore quake was recorded southwest of the US state on Sunday. It was then followed by up to 12 aftershocks and caused many buildings to shake. More than 3,000 residents reported feeling the effects on the quake and left their testimonies on the US Geological Survey (USGS) website.

The initial earthquake struck around 17 miles (27km) from Naalehu, which is located in Hawaii County.

It was reported at 11.48am local time and reached a depth of 22 miles (35 km), the USGS said.

The USGS initially reported the earthquake’s magnitude at 6.1, but it was later upgraded to 6.2.

The largest aftershock was reported just five minutes after the first quake.

It struck around three miles (5km) north of the 6.2 magnitude quake and reached 4.3 on the Richter Scale.

It also reached a depth of 22 miles (36km).

This is a developing news story, more to follow. 


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