‘Having a little fun’ was revealed to be Prince William and Prince Harry’s sweet childhood game.


‘Having a little fun’ was revealed to be Prince William and Prince Harry’s sweet childhood game.

According to TV presenter Rhona Cameron, Prince William and Prince Harry used to play a sweet childhood game at service stations.

Rhona Cameron was told the story by the late Tara Parker-Tomkinson, a close friend of the young Princes.

Tara was Prince Charles’ goddaughter and had a close relationship with the royal family.

“They are lovely, naughty boys,” Tara said about Prince Harry and William in 2012.

There’s a complete trust code there, one that says, “Zip it and treasure it.”

“Trust is priceless to me.”

“You know you shouldn’t tell stories,” Ms Cameron said on GB News, “but I used to be friendly with the late and lovely Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.”

“She told me years ago – and she was close to William and Harry, of course – that she was Prince Charles’ goddaughter.”

Reco was a game they used to play.

“When the boys were teenagers, they’d stop at service stations on the highway and go inside wearing baseball hats, and they’d rack up points for who was recognized.”

“They were just making light of their situation.”

During one of their many family ski vacations, Tara befriended the Duchess of Cambridge.

“Beautiful, super-grounded, but really fun too,” she once said.

Tara was a guest of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Royal Wedding in 2011.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson died in 2017 at the age of 45.

Peritonitis developed because of a perforated ulcer in her stomach, according to the coroner’s report.

Her death was incorrectly reported as a result of a brain tumor.

In 2016, her pituitary gland was diagnosed with a benign growth, but this was not the cause of her death.

Her long relationship with The Prince of Wales began when her father taught Prince Charles to ski in the 1970s.

Palmer-Tomkinson’s grandfather, James Palmer-Tomkinson, and uncle, Jeremy Palmer-Tomkinson, both competed in the Winter Olympics.


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