Have your say on Andrew Marr’s resignation from the BBC – There is a huge divide over the political heavyweight’s departure.


Have your say on the BBC’s crisis as Andrew Marr resigns – There’s a huge divide over the political heavyweight’s departure.

ANDREW MARR has resigned from the BBC, igniting a raging debate.

After a 21-year career with the Beeb, the king of the Sunday morning political interview announced his retirement, leaving a void in the schedule.

He made the announcement on Friday afternoon, stating that he “wants his voice back” and hinting at a more outspoken future role.

The move has sparked a heated debate about Mr Marr’s career, which is known for his clashes with the country’s top politicians.

While The One Next to Pete slammed “the man who made countless unwatchable interviews,” Jack62 lamented the loss of “a quality journalist.”

Others applauded the 62-year-old’s well-publicized recovery from illness.

“Regardless of his politics, it is always good to see someone recover from a stroke and return to a ‘normal life,'” JBE wrote.

To him, I wish the best of luck.

“The trouble is, who is going to take over?” Magog wondered. “Fiona Bruce has already been hired to stop anyone watching Question Time, Alex Scott is happily mocking The One Show, who else is there?”


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