‘Have kids, and I’ll call you back,’ a enraged caller yells at the host over the Pope’s pet swipe.


‘Have kids, and I’ll call you back,’ a enraged caller screams at the host over the Pope’s pet swipe.

A enraged caller slammed TalkRADIO host Peter Cardwell for feeling “settled” without children, dismissing claims that owning a pet equates to having children.

A enraged Surrey caller extolled the virtues of having children while taking a jab at Peter Cardwell, telling the childless talkRADIO host that he must feel he is missing out on something in life.

During a debate about the Pope calling parents who choose animals over children “selfish,” the ferocious tirade erupted.

Daniel, a caller who is the father of three children, gushed about being a father, telling Mr Cardwell that being a parent changes “something deep within your soul.”

Mr Cardwell, on the other hand, told him that even without children or a partner, his life was “very settled.”

The perplexed caller couldn’t understand how anyone could consider his life complete without the presence of children, telling the talkRADIO host that he only says that because he doesn’t understand what it means to be a parent.

“If we had this conversation ten years ago and you had my lifestyle, wife, three children, and a beautiful home, you’d change your mind!” he said.

“So you won’t know what it’s like until you have kids.”

You suddenly understand why we’re here.

“There’s something deep in your soul.”

“Of course, there will be times when everyone you know drives you insane [but]it’s worth it, have some kids, and I’ll call you back.”

Mr Cardwell, who remained composed throughout despite the caller’s jabs, asked the fiery guest to comment on the Pope’s remarks that buying pets rather than having children “takes away our humanity” and is an egotistical act.

Despite his love for animals, Daniel, a father of three, does not believe that many people would choose them over children if they had to choose, unless they are medically unable to have any.

“I don’t think it’s selfish [to prioritize animals over children], because you’re talking about a very small percentage of people who try and fail to have children, and our hearts break for them,” he said.

“However, I believe that very few other people choose pets over children on their own volition.”

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