Hartley-Brewer is furious with the trade union bosses who fired a firefighter for making a pro-Brexit speech.


Hartley-Brewer is furious with the trade union bosses who fired a firefighter for making a pro-Brexit speech.

JULIA HARTLEY-BREWER has applauded an employment decision that a firefighter was wrongfully fired after giving a pro-Brexit rally speech.

Julia Hartley-Brewer described Paul Embery’s triumph as a victory for the country. An employment tribunal has concluded that Mr Embery was wrongfully fired from his union job after speaking at a pro-Brexit demonstration in Westminster. The Norwich Employment Tribunal decided that the firefighter’s dismissal was the result of a witch hunt by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU).

Mr Embery was fired, according to Ms Hartley-Brewer, for stating that he wanted a democratic decision to be honored rather than undercut by MPs.

After speaking at a Leave Means Leave demonstration during the height of the Brexit crisis, Mr Embery was fired from the FBU as an official.

In a speech in Westminster in March 2019, the left-wing activist urged that the 2016 referendum decision be respected, even if it meant leaving the EU without an agreement.

The FBU said that the Brexiteer had engaged in grave misconduct by attending the demonstration.

“It’s a big triumph for free speech,” Ms Hartley-Brewer told talkRADIO licensees.

“The FBU appears to believe that the views of 52 percent of the electorate – many of whom would have been working-class trade unionists – are above reproach.

“Something is dreadfully wrong if you can’t speak in your own time that you want the democratic vote honoured and not undercut by MPs.

“He gave a speech that many at the top of the FBU considered to be politically inappropriate. Think again if you think cancel culture doesn’t exist.

“The current left appears to despise the working-class voters who delivered Brexit,” she continued.

“This address was given at a time when our exit from the EU had been postponed yet again.”

“My case reflects the attitude on the left that there has to be one conformist opinion, and if you don’t subscribe to it, you need to be punished,” Mr. Embery continued.

“I chastised trade union leaders for what I viewed as attempts to sabotage Brexit and undermine the referendum.”

Employment Judge Robin Postle wrote in a written decision, “Where is the gross misconduct?”

“How could any reasonable member reach to the conclusion that the claimant had engaged in any sort of misconduct based on the facts?”

He went on to say that it appeared “right from the start.”Brinkwire Summary News


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