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Harry’s shocking jibe at William exposed – ‘I’m better than him!’

PRINCE HARRY once made a shocking public jibe at his brother Prince William during an unearthed BBC interview.

Harry and William’s growing rift has been a source of speculation for more than a year now. Their joint appearance on Monday was the first time the two had seen each other since Harry left for Canada in January, following his “declaration of independence”. Royal fans were quick to spot the frosty greeting between the brothers and many were upset to see that their feud does not appear to be settling down.

It is widely believed that Harry and William used to be exceptionally close – Harry even referring to William’s then-girlfriend Kate Middleton as the “sister he never had”.

However, in a BBC in June 2009, Harry appeared to take a savage jibe at his brother.

During a joint interview about his military training, he said: “I think the struggle that I was talking about was mainly the exams.

“When you start the helicopter course you start with, four, five weeks of exams.

“Exams have never been my favourite and I always knew I was going to find it harder than most people, but I’m through that now.

“I’ve finally got my hands on a job that I absolutely adore. It’s still hard work.”

Then he added: “But I’m better than William so it’s fine.”

William pretended to laugh and commented: “Yeah, just add that!”

William, who was in the RAF at the time, was then asked if he had been helping Harry with his exams.

The second-in-line to the throne said: “Oh yeah, an awful lot. He needs a lot of help!

“So it’s the RAF way – you have to help the army out quite a lot.”

Harry laughed as the reporters asked if it came down to mental maths tests.

William said: “Yeah, a bit of that, a few quick questions, try and catch him out.”

Harry explained how training as a helicopter pilot was his way of getting back onto the front line after he was withdrawn from his Afghanistan in 2008.

He said that he “always strives to be better than the best” so he hoped his helicopter flying would be good enough for him to return to the war zone.

William butted in: “Have you got off the ground yet?”

Harry dismissed him by confirming that he had indeed moved the helicopter off the ground.

However Harry did say he didn’t know if he had the “brain capacity” to fly the Apache helicopter, although he later passed his Apache training in 2013.

The reporter pointed out that the interview marked “quite a special moment” for the two brothers as it would be the “last time you’ll be living together”.

The two had been sharing a cottage near the military training grounds at the time.

Harry said pointedly: “The first and last time we will be living together, I assure you of that.”

William added: “It’s been a fairly emotional experience, yeah.”

The two were asked if there was much “service rivalry” between them, to which Harry quickly replied: “None at all.

“Everyone knows the Army is better anyway.”

They were asked if they would work together again and William quickly responded: “Bearing in mind I cook for him and feed him basically every day, I think he’s done rather well.”

This is a stark contrast to the tensions between the brothers which have emerged in recent months.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle even moved out of the Kensington Palace estate – away from William and Kate – to Windsor earlier this year.

With their Megxit announcement, the two will be moving even further afield as they look to settle down in North America.

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