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Harry Potter star Miriam Margoyles has revealed she hates JK Rowling’s magical stories and has never read the books

MIRIAM Margoyles is about to make more Harry Potter fans cry than when JK Rowling killed off Dumbledore.

Despite playing Hogwarts teacher Professor Pomona Sprout in the hugely successful movies, Miriam has confessed that she doesn’t like the franchise.

To really rub salt in the wound, Miriam made the revelation in personal messages to Potter fans, charging them £109.99 apiece.

In one, she said: “I understand you’re a huge Harry Potter fan. Here’s the thing, I’m not.

“I’m not against it, I’m just not interested.

“I’ve never read the books, I’ve never seen a film, I just pocket the money when it comes in and I’m very grateful for it.

“I’m sure Harry Potter’s world is a good world, but it’s not my world.

“So, I hope you understand that, despite the fact I’m the headmistress of Hufflepuff, I don’t really want to talk about Harry Potter.”

In another clip on celebrity message app Cameo, Miriam confessed: “I just wish everybody read Charles Dickens a bit more.”

However, the Bafta-winning Call The Midwife star stopped short of slamming JK, calling her a “terrific writer”.

It comes after Miriam was one of the few Potter actors to express sympathy for the best-selling author after she was accused of making anti-trans comments in June.

The Romeo & Juliet star, who is gay, said: “It’s hugely complicated.

“Look at poor JK Rowling. She’s dived into the pool and got very wet.”

It’s not the first time Miriam has upset fans of the family-friendly franchise.

Last year she issued a warning to parents to keep their Potter-loving kiddies away from her.

She said: “I don’t like children. I don’t want to be with children. I wish them well, but I don’t want them near me.

“They make noise and take attention away from me.”

Potter fans would probably compare Miriam to a Dementor, sucking joy from all around her, but I doubt she would understand the reference.

MADISON BEER is all strapped up and ready for pop stardom by the look of her new video.

My exclusive photos from the set of Baby show her in this leather outfit – and the lyrics to the song are equally raunchy.

In the R&B-tinged track, which is out tomorrow, she sings: “I look too good to be in this bedroom without someone to touch me like you do.”

Madison’s latest release follows her hit collaboration All Day And Night with Jax Jones and Martin Solveig which reached No10 last year and was a permanent fixture on the club scene.

The US singer now has 20million Instagram followers, with Drake and Justin Bieber among them. I can see why.

INDIE rockers the Sea Girls are flying high in the charts this week with their debut album – no thanks to Ed Sheeran. The band have a bone to pick with the Shape Of You singer, revealing he has been “ruining” their plans for some time.

Frontman Henry Camamile said: “We’ve had some indirect run-ins with Ed Sheeran, he’s been causing us problems for years, really.

“We had a recording session where he booted us out of the studio to do an interview. He also played over one of our sets at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.”

Their album Open Up Your Head is poised to go to No2 tomorrow and the group are now just pleased Ed hasn’t got anything out to go up against them.

Henry added: “There are no hard feelings with Ed, it’s all peace and love. I haven’t met him but he keeps ruining our plans. Luckily he hasn’t released an album this week. It’s all good though.”

On their record he said: “We are super-proud of this album, it means a lot to us.

“It has been years in the making, some of the tracks are only a few months old and some have been written and recorded just before lockdown.

“The album is quite diverse, some are tongue- in-cheek and some are from harder places.

“I had a head injury a couple of years ago and that changed my perspective and my writing overnight.”

The band toured with the Foals in 2019 and are now hoping their own tour can go ahead later in the year.

With Ed on a hiatus from music, it should be smooth sailing for a little while at least.

LITTLE MIX marked their ninth anniversary yesterday but Jesy Nelson had a lot more to celebrate. The pop star has gone public with her romance with Our Girl actor Sean Sagar.

The smitten pair were seen holding hands as they headed out for cocktails in Brighton.

I’m not surprised they’re making the most of every day together, as once Jesy’s schedule with her bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards picks up, her feet won’t touch the ground.

Marking the anniversary of when the band formed on X Factor, Leigh-Anne wrote on Instagram: “Nine years of laughs, tears, achievements, sisterhood and the most fun you’ll ever imagine!”

The countdown is on for the ten-year celebrations.

VICTORIA Beckham prides herself on her fashion credentials so she may be horrified by the style choices of son Romeo’s girlfriend.

On an Instagram Live on Tuesday, Mia Regan revealed her favourite type of shoe – Crocs.

Mia, who has been dating Romeo for 18 months, boasted about owning several, including fluorescent green and orange pairs. She added: “I’ve also got some black fluffy-lined ones.”

I have more bad news for Posh Spice – Crocs are catching. Romeo also has a white pair which he’s personalised with a series of charms.

The young couple looked loved up in this Instagram snap.

Romeo’s big bro Brooklyn recently got engaged and it looks like it won’t be long before he’s following him down the aisle.

Weddings are much more Posh’s style.

HE has made a fortune with the Kaiser Chiefs but frontman Ricky Wilson has long pockets.

He drives a humble Toyota Rav 4 worth £1,400 and has admitted he doesn’t know how much money he has.

He said: “I’m quite a miser to be honest. I don’t really like spending money, which is good. I don’t even like to know how much money I’ve got.

“My mortgage adviser ticked me off the other day because he said I should really know how much money I have and where it is. I don’t have an expensive car or anything.”

Kaiser Chiefs have sold millions of records and Ricky, who has also been a judge on singing show The Voice, is estimated to be worth £7million.

But he told the Walking The Dog podcast: “Therapy is a good thing for lots of people but I couldn’t get my head around how much it costs.

“And if you’re sitting in there thinking about how much money it’s costing, you’re not in the right place.”

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