Harry Potter shelter arranges rescue dogs into school houses, much like Hogwarts does for humans.


Harry Potter shelter arranges rescue dogs into school houses, much like Hogwarts does for humans.

AN ANIMAL sanctuary is aiming to increase adoptions by classifying rescue dogs into Hogwarts houses based on personality qualities from the Harry Potter movie.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, based in Florida, decided to replicate the famous Sorting Hat scenario from the books and movies series, dubbed “Pawgarts.” Volunteers at the shelter choose which dogs, aged six months and up, best fit author J.K. Rowling’s descriptions.

The goal is to match potential pet adopters with the traits they want in their perfect four-legged friend, rather than the breed.

Gryffindogs are dogs who are bold, daring, and demonstrate valor and chivalry, and are called after the main character’s house, Gryffindor.

Meanwhile, ‘Hufflefluff,’ or Hufflepuff to Harry Potter fans, is a name given to puppies who demonstrate patience, loyalty, hard work, and dedication.

Ravenclaw, sometimes known as Ravenpaw, invites those who are intelligent, creative, and witty.

Finally, ‘Slobberin’ is for dogs who are leaders, ambitious, crafty, and resourceful, as Draco Malfoy, Harry’s school adversary, is sorted into Slytherin.

Several photographs of rescue dogs wearing their Hogwarts house scarves while waiting for their forever homes have been shared on social media.

Despite the fact that the humorous notion has been successful in attracting visitors to the animal sanctuary, it nonetheless conveys a serious message.

“We felt firmly that the way students were sorted in the novels upon joining Hogwarts would be the perfect compliment to our canine friends,” Pet Alliance Executive Orlando Stephen Bardy, who came up with the initiative, told Cosmopolitan UK.

“We want individuals to start selecting companion dogs depending on their lifestyles,” says the organization. Are they marathon runners or Netflix binge watchers? Is their house a peaceful haven or a hive of activity?

“And what do they intend to do with their new pet?” We’ll be able to find them their mate from there.”

Breed discrimination has becoming a more common reason for people to give up or abandon their dogs because of their appearance.

The shelter is on a mission to improve people’s perceptions of dogs like Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Rottweilers, which have a poor rep.

The video of a talking dog interrogating its owner has gone viral.

Since the inception of the Potter-themed initiative, a number of different animal charities and rescue organizations have adopted the Sorting Hat ceremony to highlight their work. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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