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Harry Dunn’s family’s MP asks Home Sec to consider ‘virtual trial’ for teen’s alleged killer Anne Sacoolas

THE Home Secretary has been asked to consider a “virtual trial” for Harry Dunn’s alleged killer.

His family’s MP suggested to Priti Patel the possibility of Anne Sacoolas facing court online.

Andrea Leadsom also wrote to the Solicitor General and ministers.

She described the move as a “way to achieve ­closure” for the family.

Sacoolas, 42 — charged with death by dangerous driving — fled to her native US, claiming diplomatic immunity.

Motorcyclist Harry, 19, died last year in a crash with the US diplomat’s wife’s car near RAF Croughton, Northants.

Mum Charlotte Charles said: “It is all about ensuring justice is done.”

She added: “How justice is administered is not a matter for me as a victim of this very serious crime.

“However, I’m very grateful to Andrea Leadsom for working hard on our behalf to ensure that justice is done for Harry.

“I can see that she has written to the authorities suggesting that Anne Sacoolas is tried remotely from the US and we’re grateful for her looking at ways in which justice can be achieved.

“I did not make it to hospital in time to comfort Harry. He died just before I got there.

“I did make a promise to him that we would get him justice and that is just what we will do.

“I have every confidence that the authorities will make sure it happens.”

An extradition request submitted by the Home Office for Sacoolas was rejected by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in January.

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