‘Harry and Meghan forced me to stop watching Netflix!’ After a multi-million dollar contract, viewers are furious.


‘Harry and Meghan forced me to stop watching Netflix!’ After a multi-million dollar contract, viewers are furious.

According to Express readers, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ripping off Netflix and not working hard enough for their income. We questioned This website users if Meghan and Harry are doing enough to earn an estimated $1 million per week from Netflix in response to the revelation that the Duchess of Sussex is developing a new animated children’s series called “Pearl.”

An overwhelming 96.5 percent (3,934 people) of the 4,078 people who responded to the survey between 13.02 p.m. on July 15 and 9.30 a.m. on July 19 believed Harry and Meghan did not merit the high salary. On the other hand, only 94 people (2.3 percent) believe the royal couple is putting in enough effort to merit their lucrative Netflix contract, while 50 people (1.2 percent) are undecided.

“I left Netflix due of this arrangement with Harry and Meghan,” one reader, Candycam, remarked.

Several readers urged for a Netflix “boycott.” “Come August, when my subscription is up for renewal, I am canceling Netflix,” Concerned1 said. I wrote Netflix to express my opposition to paying this much money to people who lack talent.”

“I have no interest in either of them,” Phlip added in a similar tone. As far as I’m concerned, they don’t matter at all. I’d rather sit and watch paint dry.”

Others were less angered by the Duke and Duchess’ creative endeavors and financial conditions, with Misterwonderful remarking, “Who the heck cares!”

The Duchess of Sussex is said to have started discussions on the children’s series in 2018, two years before she and Harry decided to stand down from their royal duties.

There has been suspicion that the eponymous character of the upcoming show, 12-year-old girl Pearl, is modeled on Meghan when she was younger.

The plot will follow Pearl as she embarks on “heroic escapades” in which she encounters powerful women from history.

After announcing the production of new docuseries Heart of Invictus in April this year – a project focusing on the achievements of disabled servicemen and women at the Invictus Games – this is the couple’s second project since their huge contract with Netflix in September 2020.


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