Harry and Meghan are said to have as much luggage as a Louis Vuitton warehouse. – royal advisor


Harry and Meghan are said to have as much luggage as a Louis Vuitton warehouse. – royal advisor

A royal expert claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have “more baggage than a Louis Vuitton factory” after the couple announced they would not attend Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party.

The Obamas developed a close friendship with the British Royal Family following the 44th President’s state visit to the United Kingdom in 2009. However, the New York Post claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were “not planning to attend” Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party, just over a year after they left Frogmore Cottage for California.

One royal expert wondered if Harry and Meghan were indeed invited, and if they still “had what it takes to cut it as global power players.”

Daniela Elser, writing for news.com.au in Australia, stated that the Sussexes’ “baggage” has assured that they may not be as significant as they originally anticipated.

“The couple no longer only bring the magic stardust of royalty with them, but more luggage than a Louis Vuitton warehouse,” she asserted.

“Are they still the prize invitees they may have been, having converted themselves into polarizing, controversial public figures?” Elser wondered.

“Harry and Meghan have been cropping up on TV screens and headlines with such regularity following Megxit that they have a quotidian presence thanks to their bombshell interviews, multiple litigation, business dealings, and ongoing family feuds,” the royal expert stated.

“Even the most fervent royal obsessive fantasizes about a nice lie down.”

“In July 2019, Harry and Meghan walked the red carpet at the London premiere of the Lion King movie, and everyone from Beyonce to Disney supremo Bob Iger patiently, almost hesitantly, waited to touch the hem of the Sussexes,” Elser added, reflecting on when the Sussexes were happy members of the Firm.

“On that night, there was no ambiguity or shadow of a doubt about who sat at the absolute top of the social hierarchy.”

Elser is “not so confident” anymore, with Royal tensions growing in the wake of Harry’s Megxit memoir announcement.

She listed other examples of the Sussexes’ fall from grace, including the fact that Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World only drew 1.3 million viewers.

“The Sussexes may have inked an estimated $180 million in commercial deals,” Elser added, “but they have yet to produce, disclose, or make anything that places them.”


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