‘Harmful to the entire EU’ An ally of Angela Merkel has slammed the German chancellor’s pact with Joe Biden.


‘Harmful to the entire EU’ An ally of Angela Merkel has slammed the German chancellor’s pact with Joe Biden.

ONE of Angela Merkel’s closest supporters has slammed the German Chancellor’s arrangement with the US, allowing the Nord Stream 2 gas project to move forward.

Manfred Weber, a German MEP, has slammed Ms Merkel’s pact with US President Joe Biden, alleging that the choice is “detrimental” to the EU as a whole. The German leader should have consulted the EU Council before engaging into conversations with the US President, according to the CDU lawmaker and EPP leader in the European Parliament.

“The choice for Nord Stream 2 is to the detriment of Europe as a whole and of Ukraine,” Mr Weber told Die Welt.

“The pipeline would not have been possible without the services of ex-SPD Chancellor Schröder for Putin.”

“This is a hefty burden,” he added.

He went on to say that Germany should “debate and deliberate more in a European perspective” on projects of this size in the future, and work closely with European partners.

The German Chancellor was also chastised by her country’s Greens.

“This joint communication is not a solution, especially not for the security of Ukraine,” Green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock stated.

“The Greens are still in favor of blocking this project because it is bad geopolitically, [as well as]for climate and European politics,” said Green MEP Sergey Lagodinsky.

“We do not engage in arrangements that benefit third parties, as this government has done.”

Ms Merkel defended the pact on Thursday as a sensible compromise, but Ukraine argued it was too weak to ensure Russia behaved in the way Kiev and the West desired.

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Ukraine has long opposed the nearly completed $11 billion project to transport Russian gas to Germany because it gives Moscow the theoretical option of ceasing to route gas through Ukraine, depriving Kiev of billions of dollars in lucrative transit fees and jeopardizing its security, according to Kiev.

A existing transit agreement is set to expire in 2024.

On Thursday, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller emphasized that Russia was willing to renew the agreement if the business circumstances were favorable.

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