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‘Happy Little Vegemite’ is girl still recognised decades later

The little girl who became a star after being made the face of Australia’s iconic breakfast spread is all grown up. 

Trish Cavanagh, 61, is best known as the baton twirling child standing on top of a jar of Vegemite for the black and white 1959 TV commercial ‘Happy Little Vegemite’.

She was only seven years old when she filmed the catchy commercial for Vegemite at Sydney’s Pagewood Studios.

Now almost six decades later she’s ready to pass on the baton as the company looks to revamp its image with a new jingle.

But Ms Cavanagh’s connection to the brand has only grown stronger over the years since being hand-picked from her class at the Helen De Paul school of dance. 

She was paid between 24 to 27 pounds for her starring role in the ad, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Since that day she has become a brand ambassador and accumulated a huge amount of Vegemite merchandise.

She owns glasses, watches, a blanket and even still has her original hat from the advertisement.  

Ms Cavanagh said she had no idea how big of an impact the advert would have on the rest of her life.

‘It was a happy time, making those ads. Little did I know what meaning this would have in my life,’ Ms Cavanagh said.

She said people still recognise her all the time and ask her to reenact the ad.  

‘Even now, everywhere I go I’m asked to sing it! So to hear that they’re bringing it back to see what someone can do and if someone can better it as a bit of fun, that’s wonderful.’ 

‘Nobody knew how wonderful this particular jingle and the ad would be, or that it would become part of television history, Vegemite’s history and Australia’s history.’

Vegemite’s parent company Bega is holding a national competition to bring a modern twist to the catchy jingle.

The winner will be given $2,000 and have their song played on national radio.

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