Halloween 2021: ‘Squid Game’ Costume Ideas Are Now Available on Amazon and Etsy—Where Can You Get Them?


Halloween 2021: ‘Squid Game’ Costume Ideas Are Now Available on Amazon and Etsy—Where Can You Get Them?

The hit Netflix Korean drama and thriller series “Squid Game” has been chosen as the global theme for Halloween 2021. It has now made waves around the world for its unique plot and elements, as well as its uniform, which has taken on the roles of both a player and a guard, and has become one of the film’s main focal points.

Netflix is easily one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world today, and it includes a number of useful features for app users, such as ‘Play Something’ and ‘Laughs.’ However, it does not deviate from Netflix’s core feature of streaming content, whether it’s purchased movie rights or Netflix Originals like this Korean drama.

‘Squid Game’ is the theme for Halloween 2021. Netflix-inspired outfits Halloween 2021 will be different from Halloween 2020, as last year’s spooky season was the first without the vaccination, and venturing out could result in becoming infected with the virus. Although it may be a little safer now that many people have had their shots, masks are still recommended.

InnerSloth’s detective game “Among Us,” which focused on a platform multiplayer title where users discover who is the impostor and killer, was a huge hit last year.

However, in 2021, a new player, or rather, players, have arrived in town, as the Netflix thriller “Squid Game” has established a new aesthetic for the Halloween season, in which individuals can dress up as well.

It’s a simple costume to put on, and it’s worn by either a “Player” who gets to wear a tracksuit with numbers or a “Guard” who gets to wear a jumpsuit with a mask in the series.

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Player Track Suit Costume from the ‘Squid Game’

Get drafted to play in the “Squid Game” legend, where users are assigned numbers to their names and outfitted in numbered shirts and jackets to match. To complete the appearance, add tracksuit bottoms and plain white flat shoes.

It’s available on Amazon and Etsy, with prices ranging from $29.99 to $33.00 for the Jacket and Bottoms (on Amazon) and $29.99 to $33.00 for the Jacket Only (on Etsy) (from Etsy). Shoes might be ordinary flat shoes or can be purchased for a complete look through these e-commerce platforms.

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