‘Half-lockdown!’ says the narrator. After Freedom Day, up to ten million people may be asked to isolate, according to a GB News host.


‘Half-lockdown!’ says the narrator. After Freedom Day, up to ten million people may be asked to isolate, according to a GB News host.

According to sources, the NHS Test&Trace app could ping up to 10 million Britons in the month following Freedom Day, according to GB News presenter Tom Harwood.

On July 19, Britons had been waiting for the British government to approve the full relaxation of coronavirus restrictions. Despite the complete easing, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recommended caution, and various authorities have advised residents to continue wearing face masks in enclosed locations, despite the restriction being abolished as well. According to GB News host Tom Harwood, the so-called Freedom Day might result in up to 10 million Britons being asked to self-isolate in the 30 days following the reopening, resulting in a “half lockdown.”

“The point of Freedom Day is that when you have all this pinging going on, this ping-demic – I saw one estimate that we could have 10 million people pinged in the next month,” the GB News host stated.

“That feels like a half-lockdown situation.

“Is that truly our Freedom Day? It’s meant to be August 16 that double-jabbed can get out of being isolated, so is that really our Freedom Day? ”

Despite the Prime Minister’s insistence that the relaxation of the limits would be irreversible, former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned on Saturday that due to a continuous spike in new infections, restrictions may need to be reintroduced again in the autumn.

“I believe that by September, we will almost probably see infections hit a new daily peak, surpassing the 68,000 daily level that was the previous daily record in January,” Mr Hunt told the BBC.

“If they continue to rise as the schools reopen, I believe we will have to reconsider some very difficult decisions.”

“How we act in the coming weeks will make a significant difference.”

On Saturday, almost 51,000 instances were reported in the United Kingdom, the largest number since January.

Professor John Edmunds, a member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said that within weeks, the number of cases might exceed 100,000 per day.

The virus would continue to spread without the social distancing measures that brought the first two waves of the pandemic under control, he said.

“I believe this epidemic’s wave will be quite protracted and drawn out,” Prof Edmunds said.

“My hunch is that we’ll be dealing with a high level of occurrence for a long time.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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