‘Had a rough trip!’ Prince William responds to Prince Charles’ environmental critics.


‘Had a rough trip!’ Prince William responds to Prince Charles’ environmental critics.

‘Had a bumpy ride!’ Prince William answers to Prince Charles’ critics on the environment.

PRINCE WILLIAM has defended his father, Prince Charles, against those who doubt the royal family’s environmental commitment.

Prince William backed his father’s decision to advocate for improved environmental protection. Prince Charles renewed his plea for world leaders to come up with a strategy to deal with the climate calamity in the run-up to the Cop26 Summit next month. The Duke of Cambridge claimed that the Royal Family’s commitment to climate change has been well-known for decades, highlighting his late grandfather, Prince Philip, as the first to take action.

Prince William spoke with BBC News’ top political reporter, Adam Fleming, in an exclusive interview.

The prince added of his father, Prince Charles, “It’s been a difficult road for him.”

“Many years ago, my grandfather began aiding the WWF with its nature and biodiversity work.”

He continued, “I feel my father has advanced it and talked about climate change a lot more, and very early on, before anyone else noticed it was a concern.”

“Yes. He’s had a difficult time with it. He has proven to be far ahead of the game.

“He was much ahead of his time in warning about some of these dangers.”

“It shouldn’t be that a third generation is already in the works, and we’ll have to speed things up even further.”

“It would be a disaster for me if George was sitting here thirty years from now talking to you or your successor and still saying the same thing.”

He said, “By then, it will be too late.”

The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet, in which William and David Attenborough star, was the subject of a BBC interview.

Through The Royal Foundation, Prince William founded the Earthshot Prize as an urgent call to action to do more to safeguard the globe from global warming.

The judges will be looking for the most inventive and intriguing solutions to the world’s environmental issues.

The winners, who will be announced at the award ceremony, will receive £1 million to aid in the creation and development of an environmentally friendly solution that will benefit the environment.

At the star-studded event, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and Coldplay will perform, and their acts will be powered by the energy created by 50 in an effort to save the environment.


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